The 2016 edition of the Common-Sense Mortgage is an electronic follow-up to the original book written by Peter G. Miller and published in many editions for more than a decade by Harper & Row.

Widely regarded as the standard guide to real estate financing for buyers, sellers, brokers, and investors, editions of the original Common-Sense Mortgage received exceptional reviews for its plain-language approach to mortgages.

“One of the best available guidebooks to the realty financing jungle.” The Los Angeles Times

“His coverage of the mortgage market is so complete as to make this a compact layperson’s handbook.” The Library Journal

“Virtually in a class by itself.” The Philadelphia Inquirer

“You wont find a better how to get a mortgage book.” The Miami Herald

“Jam packed with ideas for saving on mortgage costs.” The Chicago Tribune.

“Intelligently written, logical, and thorough.” Kirkus Reviews

“Lucidly written… this book should have a large audience.” Booklist

“An excellent reference book for home buyers, really agents, and investors interested in residential mortgages.” San Francisco Examiner Chronicle

“You won’t find a better ‘how to get a mortgage’ book than this one,” said syndicated columnist Robert Bruss. He added that “the book is easy reading, liberally spiced with practical advice from a real estate expert. On my scale of one to 10, this outstanding book rates a 12.”